Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Green Cat

Green Cat 5-16-10

Green Cat 5-18-10

I finally started on Green Cat this weekend. I'm still debating on my color scheme with it. It isn't turning out as realistic as I was hoping for. I'm more graphic art than realistic. It's also more to minty side than I'd thought it'd be and the colors don't look that minty until I hook them. I did over dye some light teal fabric with yellows and greens trying to get more forest and kelly leaf green and thought it looked great but hooking it now I'm not sure. I had a big piece of it and needed a lot in the kelly green color range for most of the leaves but with bits and parts of other colors on the pieces. The pale green in the face is looking more like cream than pale green==grrr. It doesn't look bad but its isn't what I had in my head for it to look like and not sure whether to pull it all out and start over or not. I did change the colors in the nose from a yellower green to the kelly I used on the sides of the face, The yellower just sort of jarred with me so I did change it.

I also suspect my linen is more for larger than smaller cuts as it isn't holding the narrow cuts like other linen I have hooked narrows on. I'm having a harder time getting my shading with the narrows because of this. This was gift from a friend so I'm not sure where she got it and she usually hooks wide cuts.

I'll finish the head and debate whether I go on or change it. Ant opinions?