Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dino rug and Cats Paw

Just some photos of newest projects. Here's the finished T-rex for the Dino rug. I am deliberately making him primitive style with the colors and hooking.

This is the small cats paw runner I'm working on that's at the halfway mark on it.

While I'm doing the cats paw I'm doing color planning for the snowman canvases. One of them has cats paw circles on it on burlap and the other has rectangle and square shaped patches on monk's cloth. I am debating on doing some dimensional work on the noses with felting and maybe doing at least one with bits of fluff instead of strips. I haven't been doing as much work with fiber as I started out doing and need to do up some more examples using just fibers. More thinking required on what to do.


Anonymous said...

I think they are all fantastic things that you have done and worked so hard at doing them

Anonymous said...

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