Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a Saturday

Not much happening so far today. I've spent most of day going through my bookmarks and links to add all the blog and website links to this blog. It's a real mix of international crafting sites for rug hooking, felting, knitting, crochet, spinning, mixed mediums in fiber and whatever else looked interesting.

My "bug" came back full force this morning. It's a little better now. but I still feel lousy and my head isn't working that great. I had to send my son over to get some of my rug hooking wools from over at my daughter's house so I could start cutting strips for the dragon basket mat. So this evening instead of hooking I'm going to be cutting very finer than normal strips. Most of the main part of the design I think is going to be somewhere between a #3 cut to a #5 cut. The cuts are not going to be very precise as this will have to be all hand cut. I don't foresee getting a cutter until sometime this Spring if I am very, very lucky because money is so tight and other things need to be bought before an expensive cutter.

For me anything over $50.00 is expensive and I don't make that much off of my Ebay FanXstitch cross stitch patterns. Hopefully when I am feeling better and can afford some more monk's cloth and linen I will try to offer rug canvases for sale. Or if anyone wants me to design something for them and will pay for materials just let me know by email at Nothing is too off the wall design wise and strange is more fun to do than something normal. I do like primitive type designs, animals, fantasy, landscapes, scenes, but I really don't like doing flowers, or portraits but like doing people and figures. I had some very bad experiences painting children's portraits a couple of years ago so I'm trying to avoid doing them, adults are okay, especially TV or movie personalities. You want a rug of David Tennant or John Barryman from Doctor Who and Torchwood--no problem and I'd fun doing it.

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