Monday, February 2, 2009

Dragon Basket day1

I spent Sunday cutting strips and hooking on the dragon basket. My hand cut strips vary from 1/16 to 1/4". I'll have to look up what that translates in cut sizes. The dragon body is in a spot dyed yellow green with the 1/4 strips, with details around the eyes and paw done smaller. The ridges are in a dark kelly green with dark green gold spots. The wings are in a dark green dyed herringbone tweed, and a green ad gold dyed herringbone on the inner part. The spade shaped
tail matches the ridges.

The basket part is gives me fits. I have tried a number of different color and fabric combos on it and am still trying to find the right one. Right now it's a pale blue and narrow brown plaid cut in 1/4.

So far I am not wild about working on monk's cloth. This is my first time. Its hole spacing is too wide to do this design justice in my opinion. Yes, it will be great for doing other less complex primitive designs but I am very disappointed in how little detail I can achieve with this with the 1/4 strips. Using any larger size strips than this and the design wouldn't work at all for me. I may end up doing a second one of this in yarn on Heatherfield or do one all in fleece. May do that anyway just to see how the three different materials look hooked up with the same design. Since this is going to be a floor mat and not a hanging I will be doing the flowers flat and no proddy.

Today I am going to work on the flowers and leaves. I keep thinking these will be yellow and white daisies, but I'll see when I start working them what they are.

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