Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hopes and Dreams Basket 3

More hooking done on the basket last night. I got all the basket part done. I think it's more flat primitive style than dimensional realistic. I used dyed herringbones and plaids for the basket part. Almost did it in a solid gold, but decided not to, though I did hook a solid line around the rim and base as I was afraid it would have faded into the background too much, but didn't outline in gold on the top. Should I have outlined the handle on top too? Opinions anyone?

Finished the stars too, but will have to reverse stars 7 and 8 above the word 'wishes' as 7 needs to be gold and 8 needs to be yellow. From left to right it should be Jessica, A.J., Chloe, Kelsey, Brody, Kira, Nicholas, Aurora then Autumn. With luck I'll get the lettering and banner part done and maybe some of the background hooked tonight.

Outer background is still in flux in my head. Thinking of doing a simple one or two row border--gold maybe or shaded golds, then continuing with the inner background color, but throwing in some swirls or spirals in the colors of the hearts, and maybe some more random stars. Then maybe a simple 2 row gold outer border to finish it off. Gee, this sounds like a cooking recipe. Do this, do that, throw a little something there and mix well and cook until done.

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