Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rug almost finished

Only have three more sides to whip and finish and I will be done with the dragon. I may try doing this again on either the burlap or the rug linen. I don't have any of my 16 count linen pieces that are big enough to do same size. The widest is only 18 x 52. Though I might try doing this just a tad smaller so it could be a table mat instead. I'll think on it.

Yesterday I went out and ended up hitting my 2 cheap thrift stores and came back with 18 assorted garments that I'll have to take apart. Got some nice purple, maroon, teal, pinks, grays, browns and a nice black watch. No creams this time or camels. But did find a nice pale gray set of slacks.

Today I am dyeing up a batch of fabrics- mainly pinks, hot pink, flesh tones, lavender, sky blue and deepening some of the teal I got yesterday. I think I did some yellows, golds, and rusts. The golden rusts in herringbone and plaids are going in for the H&D basket. I managed to get a few pieces dyed in graduated tones. I'm still experimenting with doing them. I'll be glad when I can afford to buy a yard of so of white to really play with. The dyeing I did today was over some of the cream colored pieces. No as light as I wanted but close enough for now. This was in between cooking a big batch of corned beef and cabbage with added veggies. Had pots going on both sides of the room.

I'll postpictures tommorrow of my dye jobs and the dragon.

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