Friday, February 20, 2009

Hopes and Dreams Basket and Voogee Doll

I started in on the Hopes and Dream basket and got the hearts done and part of a star. Though really looking at it the light and in the pictures I may redo some of the hearts. I wish my camera took better, closer to the real colors I am using than it does so you could see the actual colors. On the canvas they look great but in photos they suck and appear way darker despite my attempts to lighten them up. I am going to take out some of the darker blues in heart 2 and heart 6 and make them less multicolored and more solid. If you are wondering about the heart color order I was doing birth order of my kids-girl, boy, girl, girl, girl, boy and boy. If I do this pattern for some one else I would do their number of kids in hearts and then number of stars for grandkids.

The stars are going to be yellows for the girls and golds for the boys in birth order. The lettering is going to be in yarn to see if that works with strips around it. This will be my first lettering job. The basket is getting some golden browns this time in both solids, herringbones and plaids. I'm still debating on the banner part. Inner background I'm debating on using a Black watch plaid or use it with some other colors for the outer background.

Voogee didn't get worked on last night just the basket but here's the progress from the night before. I'm going for bright and colorful and colors that will appeal to a small child as well as their parental units in this family. I'm experimenting with shading and trying to help the dimensional look of the doll. I am thinking of doing this in black, white and gray tones to see how it would look. It would also work in normal flesh tones, hair, etc.

Gene Shepherd has my dragon rug up on his blog with my comments on it. There's also a lengthy explanation of how I dye with Wilton Cake dyes and food dyes. He was curious about them since I mentioned I do all my dyeing for wool fabrics and sheep fleece in them instead of using the other types of dyes out there.

I'm not sure how much hooking I'll be getting in this weekend. I'm finally moving my junk over to my daughter's house from the trailer. Most is going in the attic, at least the stuff I am not currently working with. He's got to get his stuff out of storage and needs to put it somewhere so if I move from the trailer his junk will fit in the space. Right now my working stiff is in 3 places here at the computer shop, the trailer and my daughter's house. Real fun trying to remember where such and such component to a project is. This also commits me to living with my daughter, son-in-law and 7 month granddaughter. I've been wavering for months since the older daughter told me I had to move in or lose the house since my husband and I are paying for it, but the kids are living there since they have no where else to go and no real jobs just freelance art ones. Staying over at the computer shop has been my compromise as I didn't want to live and work around them that much. When I do bring junk to work on over there I camp out in the backyard or the front porch so I can see what I'm doing and peace and quiet. I'm not terribly sociable when I'm working on my projects. And I'm not too happy with them over their lack of ambition job wise.

I worked at home with little kids, multiple little kids most of my life from the time I was 17 with my oldest, and can't figure out why these two very talented artists can't do the same with one small baby. I painted, crafted, went to school, worked outside jobs, and was involved in all my kid's school stuff, I even did sci-fi conventions as an artist and dealer across the country on my own. Even when I lived with my older daughter when her oldest was baby I was still doing art and crafts and was able to watch her at the same time. If I didn't do artwork, we didn't eat, or have a place to live while my kids were growing up. Maybe, I can train these two once I get moved in, but something has to break, so they are contributing money wise, and them do something besides baby watching all day, or am I off the mark here? Sorry to rant. I just get very frustrated with them and the situation, and don't want to kick my daughter and granddaughter out.

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