Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dragon Is Done!!!

I got my edges all whipped and everything sewn down finally today. It even lays flat which is an improvement over my 2 previous rugs. I'm sending a picture over to Gene's blog so he can see the finished piece for the hook in. I feel excited to get another rug done. Actual finished size is 21 x 28 3/4. I used Lamp's Pride bulky in a heathered brown gray for the edging which matches the grays on the outer border. Since this will end up as a wall rug rather than a floor one I didn't get too ambitous with fancy finishing as it will end up on one of the kid's walls. All of my kids have stated they will not put one of my rugs on the floor because it's art. But I made a rug kids!! Rugs go on the floor--grrr. They're just dense sometimes.

Maybe if I do a rug that is in really dark, ugly colors they'll use it as a rug. I keep getting a idea to do one I call the Creepy Basement where it looks like you are about to step down a flight of steps into this dark, and dank looking basement complete with cobwebs, spiders and a faint pair of glowing eyes at the bottom and a flash of teeth. Or do a High Anxiety one with the swirling spirals or rectangles. Kind of like the Op-Art blanket I did for the youngest granddaughter in purples and whited for xmas. I can also see a rug that it looks like the top of grill over a dungeon cell with hands and fingers reaching out. Not necessarily human fingers. My gamer kids would appreciate something like that. All my kids game in various forms I have 4 that play World of Warcraft everyday living at home and bring their friends over to play too. I don't game. I have enough to keep me busy and can take out my frustration with life in my crafts. Lot safer and I have something to show for my time spent.

Dye jobs from yesterday. My camera does not do justice to the colors and patterns in these. Next dyes batches will be greens and reds and more darker blues.

Voogee Progress. Not very far along but will work on it tonight. Some of the new hot pinks are going in it.

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