Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dragon Day 5

I had to add a lighter colored outline to the dragon and the basket as the medium blue tones I chose were making the design get lost, not enough tonal contrast, and it didn't stand out too well. I hope it looks okay. I still worry if a beige or cream background would have been better. Definitely no black as the greens I used on the outer leaves are too dark. I used up all the light blues I had otherwise I would have maybe gone with a lighter blue background. Since my dyepots are still over at my daughter's house I'm not able to dye up a new batch of light blues. Plus I don't want to take the time to dye and dry. Though I thought I had more light blues stashed some place but didn't--grr. And for this mat I am going with what I have on hand and trying to do it all in strips and not add in yarns or anything else.

Hopefully I'll get the rest of the inner background done today before I have to go to Heather's house , my other daughter here for a 30th birthday party for youngest daughter, Kendra. So that's going to cut into my normal evening hooking time.

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