Friday, February 13, 2009

Dragon Day 11

Getting there slowly... Still have 1 full side of 5 rows each to do 2 green, 1 gold, 1 cream, and 1 gold, and two sides with gold, cream and gold rows to go. I am determined to get this completely done including edges by Sunday. Though whenever I plan on something something else happens to throw my time tables off.

I did not make my meeting with the local rug hookers--again. This time it was hubby's cat attacking the blinds at 5 AM to get at cats outside that are in heat or fighting. Anyway my son tried to get him out of the blinds and got his arm and hand mangled and bitten by idiot cat. This necessitated a trip to the emergency room for tetanus shot and get the deep puncture wounds from his teeth seen to. Luckily cat had been to the vet last week and had gotten his shots. By the time we got home I was too exhausted to drive anywhere, especially 30 miles across town since they moved the meeting to some one's house instead of the 10 minute drive near me at a church. Maybe next month. But cat is on my sh-t list for hurting my son, age 26, and having to pay out lots of cash for medical stuff as we don't have insurance.

I used to like cats but after having my art and needlework shit, pissed on, and torn up by cats over the years even when put on high shelves and closets in plastic containers I have very little use for them. The worst was an entire order of 15 hand painted needlepoint canvases I had just finished for a shop and had gone out to get packing materials for to ship them. We became cat-less for a time. This one and I have reached an understand he stays away from me and off my stuff and we don't have problems. I'm a dog person and dearly love my dog, Spike.


wendy said...

Your handwork is gorgeous. Your designs are gorgeous. I am in utter awe.

Re: cats and dogs. I agree with you completely there. Cats seem to be the best pets for craft-less people. I'm happy to report that my dogs have never peed on 2 lbs of silk, or attacked freshly washed yarn hanging in the bathroom to dry. The cats on the other hand are a completely different story.

Fanxstitch said...

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your comments. The only time I have ever had problems with dogs has been when they were puppies or very old. Poor Sebastin is having a harder time making it outside and has to be carried up the three steps from the den to the kitchen. Though he has been known to shit on a rug if he was mad at someone. But climb up and deliberately destroy or piss on something even small dogs don't do that. I've probably alienated all the cat lovers out there but I've had too many pieces of just finished art and needlework ruined over the years.