Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dragon Day 9

I had lots of running to do Monday and Tuesday and didn't get all the hooking I planned done. Left side is almost done. Just one more row of gold next to the cream should finish the left edge. Had to cut up some more fabrics too as I started running out on some of the colors. I'm going to start hooking after I finish writing this and work all evening on it. I want to get it done to take to my first meeting with the local rug hookers I found on Thursday.

I'm already planning the colors and fabrics for the Hopes and Dream Basket mat. The central color is going to be a magenta and light teal green plaid that is going in 4 of the hearts and maybe the outer background colors. The other three hearts are going to be in shaded teals. My 4 girls are the 4 reds/ plaids and my 3 boys are the 3 teal hearts. The stars are going to be in light to dark yellows and golds. Six yellows for my granddaughters and three golds for my grandsons. The banner part is going to shaded cream and black lettering--which may be in yarn instead of strips--we'll see when I get to that point. I found a bunch of light sky blues buried in one of my tubs that I missed when I was doing the inner background of the dragon and want to use it for the inner background of this. The outer background is still evolving in my head. Maybe more teals, adding some swirls or stars into the outer border part. I'll have to stare at it awhile and see what hits me to do to it.

What does anyone think about the outer border on the dragon--is it okay? Does it work with this?

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