Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm bad--I got distracted by my new cutter--works wonderfully by the way, and my new designs. So instead of finishing dragon I cut strips for the Hopes and Dreams mat and then kept staring at the snake headed doll. I think her name is going to be Voogee. She's sort of voodoo doll looking. I was going to do her in yarn and/or fleece but I cut up these wonderful shades of greens and kept seeing them for the face so I am doing this in #6 cut. It's a little tight on the 16 count Betsy Ross linen but not too bad. I'm using fine and medium hooks to hook with and my Q-Snap rectangular frame. This is going to be very bright and colorful and may end up as a present for one of the grandkids. I have a bunch of birthdays coming up for them.

I really need a decent digital camera for my pics of the projects. I have to color correct and adjust ever shot to come close to what colors I am actually using--very frustrating since I am all about color and my photos aren't showing how pretty these pieces really are.

The background is actually a lemon yellow/buttercup linen. The dark green a medium moss, and main green a lighter moss with tan spots. The checks are hot pink, rose, into lavender and purple. The eye outline is a tan herringbone, bright sunny yellow crosses and a dark bright blue into teal and purple background for the eye. Teal nose. And the mouth in the cheek colors though I might add a tooth in the mouth.

I'm playing around a lot with my plaids this days. I might use some of the red plaids I was going to use in H&D on the stripes of Voogee's outfit just to see how they hook up before I do try using them in H&D. This will be a 15 high x 11 1/2 wide doll. The challenge will be in the assembling as I plan to have the snake hair as individual parts and sewn together with the back piece then stuffed. Hopefully this is all workable.

Going to make myself finish the dragon today so it's not nagging at me.


wendy said...

She's charming. Sorry that your camera is disagreeing with you about the colors (mine does the same thing, so I always end up running outside with a stack of projects on overcast days to photograph them-- seems to be the only time the colors are accurate for me)

What is it about dragons? I have a needle punch project that is 3/4 the way finished (and fairly small so I have no excuse) that nags at me from the corner of my desk.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

The doll looks adorable.

As for the camera, can you adjust the white balance on the model you have? If not, try getting a true-light compact fluorescent bulb and use it to light the projects indoors. Hope this helps.

Peace, Judi

Fanxstitch said...

Hi Wendy and Judi,

Unfortunately, I only have a Samsung camera phone that is digital with a card reader but not a real digital camera. I do have a very good, still working Olympus OM-10 35mm with macro zoom lenses that takes wonderful pictures, especially is I'm taking pics of miniature objects. No flash but great outdoors or under controlled lighting. I'll be taking the really good pictures with it.

I think dragons just want to come in being, and fly free. Kind of a call for more magic in one's life. Doing dragons for me is a sign I need to think more creatively, use my imagination, and push past all my self imposed boundaries.