Monday, February 9, 2009

Dragon Day 8

I've almost got the left side of the mat done. Just one more border or so. I got a lot more hooking done yesterday than I though I would. I got to hook at the Guild meeting and then when I got over to my daughter's to work on my laundry. The dryer isn't working that great and takes a while to dry a load of clothes so I got a lot done before I lost the light outside.

Debe in TX wrote me asking how I was getting an impressionistic look to my rug. The question kind of floored me as I was not going for that kind of look at all and if it looks that way it was totally accidental, though I am suspecting it might be because I am using a camera phone to take my pics and then run them through my Paint Shop program to lighten and clean them up before I post them. I know everyone likes this rug but I'm not real happy with it as it is not as detailed and clean lined as I would like it to be. It's sort of fuzzy focus to me because I am using just strips and not yarn or fleece where I can get sharper edges and details. Maybe if this had been done in 2 or 3 cut I would have been happier. Or if this mat had been larger and the center design had been larger I could have gotten better detail.

The basket weave outer border is made up of 5-6 different fabrics, most of them tweeds, and plaids or have some texture. They came from some coats and one skirt and aren't dyed. The dark green on the border is a green plaid with gold running through it cut 1/4" wide. I think I'm adding a row of cream then another row of gold to finish that side. With luck I'll get this done by the time I go to my meeting with the local rug hookers on Thursday. I had hoped to get some hooking done this afternoon but looks like I have do grocery shopping with older daughter today.

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WoolenSails said...

Really beautiful shades, love the look.
On the screen it appears really contrasty. Not sure if you can do that with your photo program, but try and tone down the contrast. It is a beautiful rug and I think that would help to show the colors better.