Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dragon Day 7

I had to go do laundry and grocery store yesterday so didn't get in a bunch of hooking though I did get to work on my Folk Angel 12 cut rug over at my daughter's house between loads.

The dogs kept me company outside. Poor Sebastin, the gold/rust Corgy mix, is on his last legs and will be dying soon, He's at least 18 years old maybe older as he was an adult when my other daughter first got him in the early 90's. It was around 70 and I wish I had gotten over earlier in the day as I didn't get over until 2:30 so I only had about 1 1/2 hooking on this. Spike is my dog and is 1/3 wolf, and the rest Black Lab and German Shepard. He's the same age as my granddaughter Chloe and I got him as a 4 week old pup.

At least I got the left wing started and some reds in on top. The closeup is closer in actual colors I am using. It's slow going because of the width of my frame and the strips themselves going through the alternative monk's cloth. I am hoping I've got enough reds dyed up that I have enough for this and for the Hopes and Dreams basket which has red hearts. I had picked up some pretty red plaids last thrift shop and I'm going to use them on the the wavy lines radiating from the heart.

I've done a triple border of gold, then cream, then gold again before starting on the basket weave part in colors similar to what was used in the basket. I put in radia, I think that's the word, or basket spines then am filling in the basket part. Tonight I'll br filling in more and taking repositioning the hoop. When I can afford it I'm going to get a frame or make on with the gripper strips to see if it makes hooking any easier. One of the outer borders is going to a green plaid that I found that will work with the greens in the dragon and leaves. One border will have to be the gold to match in with the border around the picture.

Not sure how much hooking I'll get done as I'm off to my Congaree Fibre Arts meeting and will be showing someone how to crochet in the round, and talk about wet felting.

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