Friday, February 6, 2009

Dragon Day 6

Inner background is done--yeah!! Managed to get a little hooked before the party then finished after we go back at 10. We keep late hours around here. I'm the only early bird in the batch, everyone else is a night owl.

Today, is figuring out what to do with the outer background. I'm going to attempt my woven wavy basket idea. I got some fabric cut last night after I finished the hooking. I'm thinking of a narrow band of gold or cream before starting the actual basket part. Also doing basket spines coming from the inner and outer curves. I keep seeing the Old Shale Lace knitting pattern as a template for this part. Though this is my Welsh Wool shawl folded in half but it gives the gist of what I am going for.

I have getting wonderful emails from people saying how much they love my hooking and my site. Thank you all. The web site was easy to do, just plug in elements, and add info. Lot easier than some of the websites I done before from scratch and having to write code for everything.

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