Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here Be Dragons progress, etc.

I've been busy over at my daughters since last weekend and haven't had a chance to update. I'm working on two projects at once. The Here Be Dragons mat in cotton t-shirt strips which is a little over 1/2 done and the cat's paw runner which I took the acrylics I had hooked out and am doing in now in quilter's cottons from my fabric stashes. I am also learning to do braiding. I'm using bits of fabrics I am using in cat's paw and will be attaching the finished braid to the runner as a test to see how braiding a border will work with Walk Me when I get it done. The cat's paw is 12" wide by 31-33" long if I remember rightly. With the added braided border it'll be more useful. The braiding is interesting and frustrating since it is in cottons.

I still have to go on hunt and search the thrift stores trips to get up enough fabrics for the WM border as all the wools in my stash are spoken for for projects. But thrift stores have to wait as we are too broke right now for me to do any shopping at them. Business at the computer shop has been down with people not picking up their fixed machines and my kids have not been paying their very low rents to us and we still have to pay out money for shop, house and trailer rents and ultilities. No to mention food and gas. And since Ebay won't let me sell my downloable to email sxstitch patterns in the regular xstitch area like I had been for almost 7 years I have almost no income myself coming in. The xstitch was paying for my backing fabrics and other supplies. Anyway I'll figure something out.