Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Back

I've been staying over at my daughter's house the last couple of weeks while her SO was out of town doing sci-fi cons as photographer of celebrities. He was doing one in Fl then had to go up to Detroit for another with a brief pit stop at home. Occasionally my daughter gets to go with him but not these last trips. When she does get to go my granddaughter, Aurora, gets photoed graphed with the stars too like the cast of Battlestar, James Marsters and others. I'm hoping I get to Dragon Con this year as they will be having James and Patrick Stewart and a bunch more--I haven't checked the confirmed guest list yet.

Kendra and James Marsters

Firefly cast with Kendra and Aurora

Aurora and Kendra with Battlestar cast

Kendra, Aurora, and Corey with James Marsters (Spike on Buffy and Angel, Capt. John on Torchwood and Brainiac on Smallville

I have been working on rugs over there. I get so much more done when there isn't the net to distract me as they don't have Internet. I've almost got the Here Be Dragons mat done--I figure 2-3 days yet to go. I started back working on the Folk Angel rug I started in January with the #12 cuts or 1" wide strips. I'm trying to get some of the older UFO's done before I jump in on the new canvases I did last month. It's going a lot easier this time around hooking it because of my slant shaft hook which makes pulling the big strips through a lot less wearing on my hands. It's not a Hartman--not able to afford 35.00 for a hook yet.

Folk Angel

Here be Dragons Mat

I've also been experimenting with braiding using cottons from my fabric slashes to make a bath or kitchen rug. I'm trying to get the basics down so I can do a braid edging around Walk Me when I get it done.

I've been looking into getting teacher training so I can get certified eventually to teach rug hooking here in SC. I'm only one of maybe 8 people that do hooking in SC and I can't find anyone that does braiding here--that's very sad and pitiful. There are very few professional traditional artists in SC period in any medium--guess everyone moved elsewhere or they gave up and quit doing it. I want to take classes but all the one's I want to take are a good distance away and too me very expensive, not even counting traveling, rooms and food. On both ATHA and the McGown sites there are teachers in NC and GA so I guess I'm going have to go there. I have to have at least a basic class and recommendation from a teacher to get into any of the teacher training classes. Even though there are a lot of self taught, like me, teachers out there I need help in learning to teach and do classes. Lot of self confidence problems. Maybe something will break and I'll be able to do this somehow.

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