Friday, March 19, 2010

New Rug and Designs

I just got finished with my SMILE Creative Challenge over on Rug Hooking Daily--wow first rug of the yar finished. But can't show it until everyone else is finished so at the end of March you can see it.

Have started another experimental rug. I'm on a tribal design kick and came up with 2 small canvases to work on. The First I started 3-15 is a pair of Tribal Rabbits and the other is a Tribal Sheep. Both with be done with duller tones towards the brown side. I'm working in a mix of 3's and leftovers from other projects. These are being made with selling them eventually in mind. So they are more decor orientated than I normally do. I'm trying some designs that my kids (late 20's to 40's) would be interested in since they love my tattoo designs and tribal graphics as I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from other people on them too. I doing the backgrounds in a sort of primitive style drawing on what I have seen in books on older rugs and the way they were hooked but putting my own contemporary twist on them. Hopefully this approach will work. The sheep rug I may or may not use some of my sheep fleece on. I'm still debating on that and will see how it goes when I actually get to it.


Corinne Burke said...

Hello, those are nice patterns, what an interesting background in the first one.

Anonymous said...

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