Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tribal Sheep

Tuesday hooking

Today's hooking at 1 PM

Today's hooking at 4 PM

I started work on my Tribal Sheep rug the evening of the 21st so I have been hooking on this roughly 2 1/2 days in mainly 3's with a few 8's here and there. I'm using about 5 shades of golds, leftover in browns from the tribal rabbits and black, so a lot more limited palette than on the rabbits. With the warm sunny days we have been having lately I can sit and hook for a good 6-7 hours outside, then do a an hour or so hooking at night while I watch my TV shows. I'm feeling very good about this project and with luck might even done by next week.


April DeConick said...

I love your two new designs. Beautiful!

Corinne Burke said...

Very Nice, love it love it!!

Fanxstitch said...

Thank you April and Corinne.

Reading up a storm said...

Roaming through your work - I have done only one piece of hooking, did it on a loose weave cloth. Mostly work with canvas stitches and create as I go. (I play with colors and stitches)