Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Hooking on Fiendfire

I had the whole weekend to myself while my 2 sons went out of town to Atlanta and took the car which was okay so it was just me and the dog. Right now we are just down to one car though mine should be back up and running soon. I really enjoy alone time especially with nice sunny days in the backyard. The neighbors even cut my 3 foot high grass for me since they have a riding lawn mower and it took them no time to get the field done. At least now I can have the grandkids come over and play in the yard now.

I sort off pushed myself on hooking about 12 hours each day and 7 today before I came in to use the computer. This is getting very colorful. I haven't done any real color planning on this, it's grabbing whatever looks good at the time to stick in the various spots. Originally this was just going to black and gray but my slash of black wasn't as big as I thought it was so I've been improvising. I've been digging through my already cut strips from previous projects and adding in to what I was going to use from just my reds and purples. I'm trying for waves of colors, going in and out of the blacks. I think it's working?

This is Saturday's hooking 4-17-19

This is Sunday's 4-18-19

And here's today- Monday's 4-19-20
I got the rest of the colors put in and am now working on the background grays. I've got to cut some more tonight so no hooking until tomorrow.

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