Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back to hooking

I've gotten back into hooking again. Just small pieces for the moment. I finally finished my circles runner I had started a while back. It's 53 x 17 done in odd ball leftovers from different projects ranging from 3's to 6's. it's okay but not that great either. I didn't plan it out and just grabbed up whatever looked okay at the time. I think I spaced the circles too closely and didn't have enough black background show through. It's busy I think. It also has a irregular ripple edge on purpose just to see how such and edge would look.

The next new piece is one of my tribal rabbits. I did a pair on burlap as just rabbits in circles. This one I added a squared off border with circles and shapes. It's done in creams, beiges and tans, with darker browns. The rabbit is black and so is the background of the border. It's 18 1/2 x 19. The other one is similar except with a circle border and will have reversed coloring with the rabbit getting the creams, the inner circle black and the border in creams, browns and blacks.

An updated picture of Fiendfyre. Still have top, bottom and sides to go and hope to get it finished this summer.

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Julia said...

Hi Vicky, I'm glad that you are back at hooking. I love your work. I think that your circle rug is very cool. I don't think that they are too close together. I rather like what you did. JB