Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Back at the shop

One of my backyard vistors. Anyone know what kind of bug this is? It was about 3 inches long and flew.

My 'Vacation' is over and I'm back home again for awhile. Really going to miss the backyard, my dog, the birds, squirrels, butterflies, peace and quiet, and no internet. I've made lots of progress on Walk Me and have been getting lots done a day as I'm able to work 12-16 hours on projects with no interruptions, as well as think about future project ideas. Too many people, distractions and interruptions here most days. My room here is sort of windowless and is lit with fluorescence lights. Always feel so restricted and claustrophobic in here--miss my wall of greenery, the birds and butterflies--even as a kid I'd rather be outside than in. My squash, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers all have blooms and are developing fruits, Moved my grape bushes to where they'll get more sun, and shifted some of the containers around, but didn't do as much gardening as I did last week, I just wasn't feeling that good this week and did more sitting and working.

I've made lots of progress on Walk Me. I've actually made more than the photos show. This was taken on Sunday, and I've now got the castle up to the top roof done, and all the landscape next to the dragon to the edge and up to the mountains filled in. Still have the sky, the roof and mountains to go on the left side. I'll try to get a decent picture shot tomorrow.

First braided rug finished and have started on the second rug in shades of lavender, pinks, light and dark blues, and creams. I started out doing this as a round up I've added four bands coming up out of a round so this will have more shape to it. I'm calling this one Aurora's rug. Which it may end up going to her eventually. I have some fabrics already picked out for one to do for Autumn in fall colors. In my head I have several more rugs planned and am going to try braiding in shapes like a pig, or cat or even a mouse or sheep.

More progress on the Folk Angel too.

I've added a link to a new rug hooking site Red Jack Rugs by the very talented April DeConick in Houston TX Please check out her site and rugs.

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