Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've started the braided border

Backside of WM

Braiding for WM

Yesterday, I got the hooked part of the WM finished and have started sewing the braided edge on. It's slow going as I want to make sure that the braid isn't come loose from the rug and am sewing this first row in fairly close together stitches on both sides of the burlap. Once I've got this secure then I'll be adding the next rows until I get the border wide enough or run out materials which ever comes first.

I took a break today and am designing a new rug, one I've had in my head for awhile. It's a dinosaur shapes rug done in primitive scattered figure barnyard style. This one I've added 2 small borders, one 2" wide and the outer one is 1". I'm planning on doing this is leftovers from WM and what will be leftover from the braiding. It's going to be 30 x 41 on burlap which seems to work the best with my wide strips.

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