Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walk Me and Braiding

I'm slowly moving along on Walk Me. This is just the top left section. I at least have the tower done, some of the mountains and am working on the sky. Decided it needed more dragons. I was just told my daughter had something come up and can't go shopping with me so I get some more time working on this today and will hopefully get the rest of the sky done this afternoon.

Been getting lots done on the braiding though. I hope I can get this flattened out more as it gets bigger. I like the braiding part, it's all the hand sewing that is slow going. You can see the progression of the rings. Once I have 2 more rows of the white done then it's getting a pink and lavender ring with four points coming up off of it in between the four points now. I'm going for a kind of star or sun pattern with this.

I'm making myself concentrate on these 2 projects alone to get them finished. Though more on the Walk Me rug. Then it will get the braided border which I am still gathering fabrics for. After that I promise to get some work done on GM and Famoly rugs. Time seems to be slipping away from me so fast now. I know I've got until October 10th but I don't feel like I will have that much done by then to have a decent dispaly. I'm stuck inside for awhile because of the heat and the kids being at home which doesn't help my mood. I miss my greenery, my dog, and the peace and quiet over there but as always I make do. I do have a bunch of canvases to do I created but haven't felt like looking at them and doing color planning on them. Too tempting to start a new one before the older ones are finished and I do have to get these finished and out of the way first. I'm determined to stick to that.


Miz T. said...

Your braided rug is coming along nicely, and I believe it should steam out nicely and be flat. Did you get any support from fiber friends at the October show? You are wise to focus on finishing "Walk Me" and then starting fresh. You do beautiful work!

Fanxstitch said...

Thank you, Lauri for all the compliments. It definitely needs some steaming on the braided. I'm working hard to keep it flat as I braid and add more rows.

Most of everything I do is kinda of by myself. I still haven't been able to connect to any of the local SC hookers in person, just by email.

Almost finished with the hooking, Maybe today with luck. Then start in on the braiding around the edges. I really wish I could go to a rug show or camp to show it and see how I really did on it. After I get all the braiding done then I can figure which of the many projects I'm going to finish up next.