Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Been Moving


I've been moving over to the house permanent this last week. Kendra and Corey moved to his grandmother's in Brevard, NC. It's taken over a week to get everything resorted out and finding places for all my junk. A majority of my stuff was already at the house but a lot was over at my husband's shop. I now have a functional studio space in part of the den/living room area. On one side of the back wall is the sheep collection about 8 or so containers full of fleece for my spinning, felting and rug hooking. On the other side is the rug hooking fabrics in bins. In the middle is a 10 ft folding table with magnifying light. Several shelves with with odd ball stuff and tools are next to me behind the table. I have room for my spinning wheel and spinning equipment. Along one wall I have my big looms and on my easel I've got the family rug to be worked on. Behind the couch facing my table is all my yarns in bags until I can get some more bins to put them in. You can't see them from the living room part.

In the laundry room is all my felting equipment to do wet felting with. In my bedroom I've got the cross stitch and needlepoint fabrics and equipment, Most of my fabrics are in there, along with dolls, doll stuff, acrylic yarns, and what finished fiber crafts I haven't hung up and lots of varied fiber crafts UFOs. As you come into the house I have the dining room/entry area hung with all my cross stitch and needlepoint finished pieces. I've got painting in the hallway and in my room and a few in the living room. I haven't hung up any of the rugs yet. The matle over the fire place has my collection of odd varied collector items, character dolls, minatures and family photos. A lot of things haven't been together in one spot in almost 20 years.

I will be doing the Fall Heritage Festival October 10th at the State Museum here in Columbia, SC. They finally sent the entry form and have also asked me to do a demo of my work. The SC State Fair is Oct 14-21 and I am going to try and stick some things in this year but the drop off for it is Oct 7-8 and release dates are Oct 26-27. The Conagree Fibre Arts Guild is going to do a group demo at the fair and I'll be doing that too sometime during the fair but hopefully not on Oct 17th as that's when Autumn, Heather's youngest is having her first birthday party. So I've got to figure what's going in the Fair and what I'm going to have in my booth for the festival.

I've also got an opportunity to teach in Lexington. I volunteered to teach rug hooking, felting and spinning but before I knew for sure about the festival. I have to come up with a teaching plan. They would like some one to do children's classes, especially after school and adults. I have to write them back but I'm thinking I wouldn't be able to do any classes until Nov as I need prep time for the classes and I have to get stuff ready for the festival and the state fair. I also need to do a test run on my teaching using the grandchildren and see how it goes. I've never taught before so I am really, really nervous about my abilities.

Monday Brian, my youngest son, 27, moved in over at the house as his roomates in Atlanta vanished. So instead of having the house to myself I have one kid back home again, By the end of the month my oldest son, 39, will be moving in. But with no internet at the house they'll be spending time at the shop so I'll at least have some quiet time to myself. Hopefully, they will help me with the yard work that despartly needs to be done.

I did manage to get some more hooked on the dino rug, and am going to try and work on Walk Me some more tonight.

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