Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dinosaur rug almost finished

I've almost got the dinosaur rug finished. Just the border(s) to go on it now. Finished the main part in a 5 hour hooking session today before I did some much needed yard work.

Though I wish my gay neighbors would leave my bushes alone and quite cutting my shrubby by our mutual fence. I want a privacy screen and they keep cutting my bushes and tree next to the fence. They were cutting the yard but after they cut down my flowering bush surround my oak tree and destroyed my basket woven sculptures of a goddess figure and a tall greenman that were in the bush I haven't let them near the yard. Then there's their all day every dayChristian religious gosphal channel that they listen to from early morning until 11 PM everyday at very loud volume. I don't care what other people believe in but I do dislike having to listen to it and having to play my music loud enough to drown theirs out. I am trying to avoid cops or getting really nasty but I would like to enjoy my backyard and listen to the birds and sound of nature instead of listening to anything. When I can afford it I'm putting up a tall wooden fence to have some much needed privacy. Their yard in picture perfect--that's all they do is play with their yard and have the money to put in nice plants, and landscape. They also work for the city I live in which is another reason I don't want more hassles with them. Maybe I'm being unreasonable but I just wish they'd leave my bushes, and trees alone and tone down their radio. I just feel sorry for the people on the other side of them as their house is closer to the radio than mine.

Going off soap box and back to rugs. I sent in my forms for the Fall Heritage Festival Oct 10th at the SC State Museum. It was only $30 for a 12 x 12 space and hopefully I'll be able to get a tent too. I will be having a couple of rugs for sale.
I'm thinking of selling Walk Me Dragon but only if someone offers me $3,000.00 for it. Dinosaur rug will also be up for sale for $700.00. I really need the money otherwise they'd be going to family as present instead. I'm going to have a combination of hooked and felted items. Some that will be both hooked and felted with 3D effects.

I've been back playing with my fleece and roving this week and about have my 3 Ravens 12" circle finished. It's being done mainly in fleece but with some fancy yarns and fabrics thrown in. It's going as a insert in felted purse. I had done the felted fabric 2 years ago attempting to do a Shetland and Jacob shawl but it felted up too thick so it's perfect for making a felted bag of. I'm going to try and recreate my greenman purse I did 2 years ago and maybe some other ones I did for over in Wales. I'm working 12-14 days on my projects now trying to get things ready for the shows. It's amazing what a little space and seeing hope and light at the end of the tunnel can do to boast one's moral and get things accomplished.

Other designs I came up with this week working in the 12" circle space

I got my 12" circle for the Yahoo Rughooker's group swap done already except for the final finishing as it's on the same piece of linen as the raven piece is and I want to finish it and the other small pieces I have drawn out on it before cutting and finishing them.

After October I will be trying to teach classes in beginning hooking, felting and maybe spinning at Lexington. I'm also thinking of developing a mini workshop on my hooking with fleece techniques and another one on combining hooking and felting and maybe offer them in the future at a rug camp or something so I can go to a camp. Maybe someone will invite me to teach next year.


SusanK said...

Loving your original designs! You should think about selling rug hooking patterns. I would buy one!

April DeConick said...

These are terrific designs. I like them all, but the ravens really punched me.

What is your fleece hooking technique? What does it look like?

Fanxstitch said...

Hi April,

Thank you on the Ravens. I've just posted the hooked version which is a bit different from the drawn one. The Ravens are hooked in fleece, while the background is in wool strips, and strips cut from discarded polyster/nylon clothing. This was just after I finished today and still debating on whether I like the background and needing to get the legs and other parts to show up better.

Fanxstitch said...

Hi Susan, I've got 2 patterns up for sale on the Welcome mat Yard Sale group. There's one of my Patchwork Snowman, and the Barbarian snowman that I posted on this blog a couple of months ago. If you are interested in any of my designs just email me. I can only do paper patterns right now as I'm very low on backing fabrics to draw on.