Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hopes and Dreams Finished!!!

I got the Hopes and Dream basket completely finished last night including the binding. This is my 4th rug finished all together now. I still have 5 unfinished to do--Family rug, GM, Dancing Star set, Voogee and one I started last night a small sheep mat that will be 10 1/2h x 14w and might end up as part of bag or something. I also have a heap of draw out canvases to do. Older ones from '07, some from when I did Barb;s last batcg, and some more recent ones. I will be drawing out the Green Cat on the linen Saundra sent me. The design will fit perfectly on it and I might even try out my new #4 head for the Frasier as I want really good shading on this rug.

HD finished is 19h x 27w on burlap, done in mixed sizes of strips with a heather gray yarn whipped edge. It's going over to my daughter's to get photographed with her better digital camera. Wish the pictures were better but here it is finished. I'll post the pics when I get them and send copies to Gene for his blog.

And here is the small sheep. As you can see that I screwed up on the canvas when I drew it and just hooked over my mistakes. I liked the rest of the design. I did this canvas back in '07 when I was doing canvases for both Barb and Susan and this was too messed up to give them so I kept it. It was part of a similar background series of animals I did at the time as I like wave effects around objects and wanted to try it. I'm working in wide hand cuts on this. The strips vary from 5/16 to 10/16 with most in 6/16 size by my ruler. I'll have to find the list of what these translate in strip cutter sizes. As fast as this is going I might have it done tonight.

No more baskets for a while. They were fun and challenging to do but I am really eager to get back to my own projects and not get involved with a swap or hook along for awhile. I really feel that both could have been way better though I learned a lot on these two projects and am getting the hang of more precise hooking done so I have neater looking projects. Both should have been done in narrower cuts rather than the medium wide ones they were done in or else done in yarn. A little disppointed in both, colors could have been better, and better shading.

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