Friday, March 6, 2009

Not much going on

Voogee is progressing slowly. I'm having some problems getting the right colors in different spots namely the her collar thingy. I tried different gold combinations, but each one sucked and I took them out. Hot pink really didn't work. Now I'm trying some reds with the circles left golden sunny yellow. Will work some more on her later today.

Tuesday night I spent some time filling in the background on my family rug with wide strips and almost have about 1/4 of the rug completed, except for the outer border which is still blank. It may get every one's name and maybe their animal. Like Chloe-sheep, Cecil-dog, etc. along the edge where they are located. My lettering right now is not that great in the hooking so I'm still thinking on it. Or I'm going to create a large label to sew on on the back of the rug to identify everyone. If I do that, using the label on the back then I might do the border as dancing stars with maybe suns or moon phases at the corners.

This week I got my #4 head for the Frasier but haven't tried it out yet. Next to get will be either 8 or 8.5. I also got a primitive bent hook to see how it works and if it makes hooking any easier. It not a Hartman, can't afford one yet. Did get some more old clothes yesterday. I was on a hunt in the local thrift stores for light colored fabrics like creams, pale gray, white, etc. Did find a few interesting ones but no whites or camel. Though I did get a couple of Penningtons and a cream and red wide stripe wool blanket.

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