Friday, March 13, 2009

New Designs and GM progress

I got some more done on GM. I'm working on the upper 1/3 at the moment. I like the way he looks like he's peeking out in the one shot.

I've been working on new designs the last couple of days. The new green cat is proving to be a royal pain to transfer. I wrote on the Welcome Mat in the forum section about my problems but haven't gotten any answers yet. I had traced the design onto gridded interfacing for supposedly being able to trace through to the cloth underneath. In my case the rug linen that my friend Saundra had given me. I tried black markers, purple and blue ones both Bics and Sharpies and just got partial transfers here and there through and I retraced and retraced several times with no improvements, and these were fresh, never used pens. I had had no trouble transferring Walk Me dragon on burlap, but I used ungridded interfacing. I was trying different ones to see which I liked best. I have redrawn the green cat pattern on non gridded and will see what happens on the reverse side of the linen. Does it make a difference which side of the linen I use? There doesn't seem to be any obvious differences I can see. It takes 1 1'2 to 3 hours to draw out the Green Cat because it's big 26 x 55 and has a lot of detail in it.

I have also done a variation of the design in which I took the center green cat, redrew the winged mice on either side and added some more fl orals. It measures 17 x 34. I'm going to do an experiment with this on some green 26 ct Heatherfield. I'm going to be sewing 10" all around this in burlap as the Heathefeild is only 19" wide. My idea is to make a hooked frame in wider cuts. The design is going to be an experiment in adding felting and dimensionality to parts of the design. Greenman is being hooked on 26ct Heatherfield so this should work. This will hopefully be along the lines of my greenman purse but done as a hanging. I what to experiment with some of my fancier threads and fibers too.

Lastly I did a quickie for me design for my son Brian and his friend RJ. They are moving to Atlanta very soon and wanted me to do a welcome mat for their new place. They wanted a tribal dragon...well, I came up with a two head guardian dragon instead. It seemed more appropriate somehow. They're 27 year old single gamers so had to throw in some swords and skulls. Other kids get nice normal things, mine get dragons, werewolves, vampires, skulls, and weird stuff for their rooms. Spike and Drusilla from Buffy live on top of my computer monitor along with spiders, a phoenix, a witchblade glove, and other strange things. The guys have approved the design and I'll be pulling colors for it tonight.

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