Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walk Me progress

I've gotten a lot done on Walk Me since Friday. I'm working on his wings now and with luck will have them mostly done by the time I finish tonight. I redid the dragon legs a little and had to undo three rows of stitching as it looked cut in on his upper leg against his belly. His leg is sturdier looking now. I may have to dye more fabrics for this. I'm hoping I'll have enough greens but this is really using up the fabrics faster than I thought. I had dyed the last time for both Walk Me and Green Cat, but for Green Cat I might have to get a whole new batch of fabrics for and dye them. Most of the belly, wing and triangle ridge spikes are from an old wool blanket I got last fall on one of my thrift store hunts. It's about coat weight and dyed beautifully. I think it was going in something else originally but I cut up enough to make 6-8 gallon bags of 1/4 hand cut strips. This was before I got the cutter. It's a nice batch of spot dyed pale yellows and greens over the cream sort of a lemon lime color.

The dragon body is a real mix of fabrics. The main body color is some spot dyed yellows and oranges over some Pendleton teal that came from a skirt and jacket set. I wasn't sure how the teal would do when I threw it into the dye pot but it amazed me on how it took up the yellows and oranges and changed the teal in greens with bits of the original teal still in it. I'm mixing in some herringbone dyed in dark green and mossy greens, and some fabrics that were overdyed from camels and grays. The dark green are from dark green coats, watch watch plaids and some blues and purples dyed over greens. Because I don't have large amounts of the body color and I need to blend in some darker colors to spread the lighter ones out I'm having to spot hook (hope that's a real term as I don't know what this technique is called) the body to get the shading right, little bits hooked here and there and fill ins. Hope that made sense.

I think this is what you do to get meander backgrounds or sections. I wish I could find some information on hooking with spot dyed wools so far I haven't run across any info in my books. Maybe I'll ask on the Welcome Mat or Hooking Today boards and see if I can find some info. I really wish I could go to a teacher and ask her or find a class on this. Though I'm not sure what kind of class I need or be looking for. Any suggestions?

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