Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sheep Done

Got the sheep done this afternoon. Still have to bind and finish the edge but all the hooking is done. About a day and half all total. It's 11h x 14w, so not that big. This was an exercise for me in 1) hooking directionally, 2) controlling my loops, trying to get them more even and consistent, with better spacing and less packing, 3) shading with wide strips, 4) using wider than I have been strips and finally 5) to see how fast I could hook and get this project done. I'm not sure what to call this--Purple sheep, Glow Sheep or Just Sheep 2. I'm still debating on whether it's going to be part of a purse or as is.

Hobby Lobby has burlap on sale this week for 1.99 a yard so I got 7 1/2 yards of their light green. Their beige was discolored and stained very badly in the center and wasn't usable even for me to play around with. Though if thy knock the price off that bolt I still might get it to muck around on. I also got a package rug linen burlap by M.C.G. Textiles for 21.99 and I think Green Cat is going on it instead of trying to make it fit on small piece. It's 54 x 60. I have tried rug linen before so this will be a test for me on how it does. The same company had a Rug Yarn Punch Needle Tool for 4.29 Looks like it'll handle up to sports or worsted weight yarn. Then there was a three needle set of punch needles for floss and small yarns for 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 2.2mm by Boye I picked up for 6.99. Thought I'd try playing around with the punch needle too. I have a very huge stash of every brand of embroidery thread there is and type and color. Maybe doing some punch needle will reduce the slash I hope. Fabric for doing them on is covered too. I might play around with some of my tribal tattoo designs and see how they do.

Now to go start dinner and work on Voogee doll tonight.

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