Sunday, March 8, 2009

I should have some new pictures tomorrow of the 2 basket rugs. My daughter's been busy and hasn't had time to take pics of them.

I redesigning my Green Cat. I had the original sketch sized for needlepoint canvas so it's half again smaller than I need it to be and not quite long enough. The actual design size will be 26h x 52w with 4" margins on each side on rug linen that my friend Saundra gave me. The original was 15h x 27 1/2w long. I'm also adding some sort of cat headed flowers that weren't in it to break up all the greenery and give more color to it along with more flying mice. I'm also designing this with wider cuts in mind. You could hook it either way. I've done this design as both needlepoint and cross stitch. I designed a package of Green Cat designs to use Charles Craft products that Stitcher's World magazine didn't use for their kitchen towel, huck towel, apron, napkin, and potholder. I haven't offered it for sale in awhile on Ebay or anywhere. If you're interested in it, just email me.

This rug version will not have the Celtic knotwork in it. Maybe a future version might. I am thinking of doing a smaller one of just the face area in sculpted felt and the rest hooked as a purse, pillow or a hanging.

Meanwhile back to drawing.

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