Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Walk Me progress 2

Walk me is moving along. I did have to break down and dye and cut up more fabric for him.

He's still mainly in 8 cuts with some 6's and other sizes thrown in. If I had done him in 6's maybe I wouldn't have had to make so many changes to him to keep in proportion. I did have to unhook some of his wing. After I got it off the hoop and looked at it I realized it was too long and needed to be shortened about 3-5 inches to make him work.You can see my before and after pictures.



I think I will be doing the landscape I have sketched in. Fabric wise I can do a multicolored landscape easier than I can a creamy meander background. I went through the fabrics yesterday and put together a big tub of possible choices to use in it. I'm pretty good on grays, tans, golds, rusts, brown and textures, though I may have to do some dyeing for the sky part. I wish I had better pics of the background. Behind him on the left is a castle with turrets, on the right is a cave with big rocks surrounding it, and a couple of the mini dragons. And he's on a rock ledge. I might even add some more once I get him done and really look at the picture in total.

I am not liking the hoop at all as I can't see how the section I am working on is doing with the rest of design especially in this large scale. I am really starting to think about getting one of the gripper frames on do my bigger projects on a big frame. I saw a quilting frame with Ratchets at Hancock's last week and it it had a nice wide area to work in and was adjustable to 112 inches. It was 199.00 and collapsed down to fit under a bed.

I'll be house sitting for a week and half while younger daughter is in Atlanta with the baby and her SO is in Tampa for a sci-fi con. So I will be off the computer more than on since there is no internet, phone or cable at the house. I love having the house to myself and have lots of stuff planned to do besides getting caught up on laundry. I have a big trash bag full of thrift store fabrics still to take apart, wash and maybe dye. And maybe some runs to the stores to see what else I can find for future projects. There's a yd of white that part of is going to get dyed for sky tones. Then I'll be working on designs. I have a request for a GM for wide cuts from a friend on the Welcome Mat and will see about working out something for that. I have a bunch of other designs I hope I can get worked out too. I'm still not quite at the stage to sell my designs. Initially I thought no problem, I'm a designer, I can do this, but once I got seriously into doing the rugs and seeing how the different cuts and materials work I've backed off somewhat.

I look forward to my time alone with just the dog, and their cat. I'm also taking the spinning wheel over and going to try and do some spinning up of yarn for green cat. I think the last time I spun was in the early fall before I started hooking again. I think I'm going to try just hooking yarn on this, no punching, just hooking though I did plan on experimenting with the needlepunching and try out the punches I bought last month. On entertainmnet to watch and listen to I'll be going through Battlestar again, Primeval, and whatever else looks interesting.

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WoolenSails said...

I love your Walk me rug, it is coming along beautifully.
I still haven't had a chance to do any dragons.