Saturday, April 25, 2009

Walk Me progress this week

Spike being camera shy

Still slowly hooking on Walk Me. I'm still in the upper right corner and hope to get most of that section finished tonight, Hooking lots of rocks and hoping I'm getting the shading right so they look like rocks. In a bit I have to cut some more strips as I'm running out of a bunch of colors that I'm using.

4-23 Progress

Since then and last night

I have been invited to display my work and have a booth with my hooking at the Fall Heritage Festival at the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia October 1oth. I will be having my rugs and whatever else I can come up with by then plus do demos of hooking and spinning. Hopefully I'll be able to make some converts to both crafts there. I will also be pushing the recycling angle on the hooking since most of my wool is recycled from old clothes and I'll be doing at least one mat with t-shirts. I also want to do one out of plastic bags and another using acrylic yarns. I really want to use up some of the Lion Brand Homespun yarn I have. I'm both excited and nervous, and hope I can pull it off and look close to professional.

Some more gardening pictures. I did get some tomato plants, peppers and eggplants in pots this week. Kendra has been busy putting Sunflowers in the front.

Pepper and Tomatoes

eggplant and tomatoe


Volunteer strawberries

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Volunteer corn

Volunteer peas

Dragon topiary planted with herbs with woven sun from Wistera in yard

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