Thursday, April 30, 2009


Still slowly working on Walk Me. I'm in the left hand rocks and have a bunch to do there. I've got a good 6 inches upward to go until I start in on the castle.

These last couple of days I've been designing. I'm working out some versions of a wide cut GM. I've got a head that will fit on a 15 x 25 mat, another I'm trying on 28 x 33 mat, and a very elaborate one that is a version of the Fall Greenman cross stitch that will fit on a MG Textiles linen burlap 54 x 60 package. I have a hard time designing on just paper so I usually draw out the design on burlap or other backing fabric, then I make interfacing and paper copies of the design. I know, reverse of probably everyone else. I may make a quicky sketch of a design idea, then I will look at a piece of fabric and figure out how it's going to fit, eyeballing, enlarging and expanding as need be. Projectors and other methods have never been useful for me. I'd kill for a larger table to work on but have to make do with what I have. The only exception to designing on fabric first was greencat that I worked out on large sheets of paper first. Though I am working the fall GM out on paper.

I got four snowmen done yesterday. I'm made several large standups and 3-D ones for wide cuts. I'm going to do some for smaller cuts too and make them smaller. I've got one patchwork, one with circles or cat's paws with a matching back side. a plain one, and really over amped on the Barbarian snowman which is a scene rug now with a Viking longboat, sea serpent and fellow barbarian snowmen landing by an ocean. It's 42 x 38, great for a kid's room. Only one of the patchwork snowmen is on monk's, everyone else is on burlap.

Halloween wise I found some freaky kids I did had done in 16" circles for cushions I need to copy. I had forgotten about them. I will be doing some skulls soon. I've got ideas to make 3-D ones with hooking and felting that can be used as purses or decorations. My mind has been also on bats, witches, goblins, warped cats, werewolves, vampires, mad scientists, eyeballs, and Cthulhu critters both cute and realistic. There's also a tribal Pegagus in the works and some other designs I'm adapting from my tattoo flash.

Now if I can get a quarter of what I've designed hooked for the festival.... If I could afford it I'd ask for volunteer hookers to make models up for me but too broke.Though I am curious to see what other people will do with my designs.

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