Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm still here

I haven't gotten that much to report. I'm slowly working on Walk Me. Right now I'm working on the right side lower bottom that has one of the mini dragons and lots of rocks. I spent yesterday cutting strips for the rocks and landscape behind the dragon. I had run out of a lot of the light colors like creams and light grays and will be needing my sky colors soon so I took the day to do nothing but cutting #8 strips from a large batch of various colored fabrics while I listened to Hawkwind. I ended up with 2 Walmart bags full of colors, one for the earth tones and one for the sky. I still guessomating on how much each section will need so I probably cut way more than I will actually use on this. When I get through with this project then I'm sort the leftovers into baggies for other projects. I love having cut extra so that there are precut strips ready for another project, just that less I have to cut in the future.

My head has been on family this week. Oldest daughter in FL called yesterday with bad news--she may have throat cancer. She's been having problems with the side of her through swelling up since January. They took a MRI the last time she was in the hospital for it but the first tech read it wrong and told her she didn't have any problems. A second one read it and saw something but sent the report to her primary care doctor but he didn't say anything until her visit to refill her prescription for thyroid meds. He called her at home Friday to have her make an appointment with him soon as possible. She is 40, lives alone, is on Medicare disability but no Medicade. She gets enough to pay for her rent and utilities, and her medicines which are quite expensive as she has other problems besides the thyroid. She gets 16.00 month in food stamps because she "makes too much". She has to go to charity places to get food. She has started to go back to school on line for a graphic artist degree but it'll be awhile until she finishes it. We may have to move her up here to SC and put her in with youngest daughter at the house. I've very worried about her alone and facing all these problems by herself. Right we can only wait and see what happens before me can make any solid plans.

My youngest son that moved to Atlanta is moving back to SC this week as it evidently didn't work out there. He plans on staying with his friend rather than moving back in. If my oldest moves here that'll be six of seven offspring in one spot which hasn't happened before. My daughter in Germany is staying put there with her 2 kids.

I'm going to try and get over to the house today to get laundry and some work done. It is so hard to get work done here as there's too much distraction with the computer and no pretty greenery to look at to inspire and motivate me.

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