Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walk Me progress and Hawkwind

I haven't been getting as much done as I have been doing on things this week. Blame Facebook. Mysti got me to get on there so I have been exploring it and adding things too it. Also found a motherload of Hawkwind related pages and have been discovering songs and information about the group and their offshoots I didn't know before. Especially about Robert Calvert. I am a long, almost lifetime fan of Hawkwind, which is a UK British Space rock band I have been totally in love with since 1972. I've been to five of their concerts over the years and have gotten to go back stage with the band--they still remember me. I also have done numerous paintings to their music which they have gotten three of. My kids hide out or run off whenever I play any==I think I over amped listening to it when they were little. But no music other than there's has ever hit such deep cords and had such meaning for me over the years. It calms me and makes me feel alive. Their instrumental work is incredible and it's a shame that their talent and genius isn't more recognized and acknowledged. They will be having their 40th aniversary in August this year. I'd kill to be there in the UK for that concert...sigh. Old hippies still rock on.

Meanwhile back to Walk Me. I'm now working in the upper right side of the rug on the second small dragon. I hope the background rocks and the other small dragon look okay. Working small sections like this is hard to see who everything looks together until I take it off the hoop. This is a way bigger scale than I've worked with before. I hope I can find or make a frame where I have more area showing to work on so I can get everything balanced better. I do like working this big, I see real possibilies with it. I used to paint huge paintings, wall and ceiling murals, and do murals on sides of vans so working large scale is no problem it's just being able to see everything in relationship while I'm doing it.


WoolenSails said...

You are doing a beautiful job on your rug, it is gorgeous. Love the coloring and the detail with shadowing and cave. I can't wait to see it done.


Fanxstitch said...

Thank you. I love your rugs too--they are gorgeous. With luck I'll get WM done by the end of May. I have so much to do in a very short time as I'm doing a local fall festival.