Monday, April 27, 2009

Walk Me Dragon progress again

Slowly working on Walk Me. I'm straightening up the edges on the hooked sides today on the bottom, top, and right sides. Since I am working with an oval hoop I don't necessarily get straight overlaps when I reposition so there's gaps and it looks sort of scalloped in spots. It's not too noticeable until I take it off the hoop and get some perspective on it. I may take out the patch of cream light colored rocks by the dragon's tail. It kind of glares and just doesn't fit there. I'll fill in with similar colored rocks which should make it blend better. I'm learning slowly on how colors effect one another next to each other especially with the larger size strips. I hope my rocks look okay. I have been really trying to make them look like rocks.

Photo uploading is not cooperating today so no pictures. My computer is acting funny so hubby is going to be doing some work on it. So if I'm not on for a day or so that's why. I also need to start designing some stuff for the Fall Heritage Festival and get away from the computer for awhile. If I'm around my computer I get sucked into cyberspace and get lost looking a my groups, Facebook and email or off exploring something on the net. The last day it has been family origins. Still trying to track down when my dad's family came to America and whether we are related to Chief William McIntosh that was on the Trail of Tears.

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