Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Walk Me pictures

The computer is fixed. I have to reinstall some of my programs and get everything close to normal again, but it a lot healthier and working more smoothly then it has been.

Got more work on Walk Me done last night.

Repaired the glaring white spot down by his tail shadow, evened up the edges, I hope at the bottom and got as far as by his front paws by the time I quit.

Original hooking--see white blob behind his tail that doesn't work?

Redo of area--much, much better.

I got sucked in what we were watching instead of my work so less progress than I hoped was made. We were watching National Treasure I, new Ashes to Ashes 2 episode, and Northern Exposure 3rd season last night. Tonight will be the second movie, Heroes, Big Bang Theory, and Castle. I usually do a lot of hooking watching shows, when I'm not over at daughter's in the backyard which I haven't made it to this week so far.

People have been writing me about Greenman designs and canvases. Hopefully by mid May, early June I'll have something for sale either on paper or on interfacing for you to put on your own backings. I'm think of around $20-30.00 for it hand drawn on either the paper or interfacing. I can't offer any on backing materials yet. There will be two types one for narrow cuts, yarn or fleece hooking, the other for wide cuts. I would not recommend doing wide cuts #6 and up on the design for the narrow cuts as the face and everything else will come out very distorted looking. And the design for the wide will be similar but not quite the same as the narrow. I need to do a little test hooking on it before I pronounce it okay for wide cuts. The test pattern will be done in Fall colors for the festival. I will also have suggestions for all 4 seasons palettes.

The original designs for these are based on my 4 Seasons Greenmen FanXstitch cross stitch patterns which differ slightly in looks, colors and objects in them. If anyone is interested in the xstitch they are $8.00 each or $25.00 for all 4 as downloadble to your computer PDF's. I take PayPal just email me.

The up loader on the pics quit working so I'll have to do Spring and Winter GMs and my other GN's later.

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